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Rotational Molding Molds

Molds and tooling necessary to produce rotationally molded products

Like all other plastics manufacturing processes, molds or tooling is necessary to produce products or components in a production environment. While molds or tooling is common with any type of plastics manufacturing process, molds for rotational molding are significantly less in upfront capital costs in comparison to other processes, specifically injection molding or blow molding. When a design for rotational molding is completed and approved, the process of building the necessary mold for production begins. The creation of the mold for rotomolding is a specialty that should be handled by those familiar with the industry, the rotomolding process and rotational molding design. The final quality of the tooling manufactured will have a direct impact on the quality of the parts being produced, so the experience, accuracy and knowledge of the mold maker should be considered when selecting a Rotational Molding mold vendor.

Mold for Rotational Molding, Molds for Rotomolding
New mold for Rotational Molding

Some rotational molding product designs may need to be modified in order to produce tooling to manufacture parts as efficiently as possible. Sharp edges, large flat surfaces or draft angles may be elements that need to be modified in the design process before tooling can begin. Read more about Rotational Molding design in effort to avoid these rotomolding design issues that could delay or stop production.

Rotational molding Mold Modification, Modify tooling for Rotomolding, Modify molds for rotomoulding
Existing tooling being modified

Molds are typically cast or fabricated from steel or aluminum and may need to be repaired or reworked from time to time. Maintenance of molds is an essential part of keeping them up and running. Routine repair and maintenance can best be handled by a mold shop on site of the rotational molder. An in-house metals shop saves down time in production and valuable shipping dollars if maintenance can be done on site.

New Mold for  Rotational Molding, Molds for Rotomolding
New mold being built for Rotational Molding Production

In today's fast paced business climate, no one has time to lose. Leading rotomolding companies are using in-house mold and tooling capabilities to provide customer and client solutions for new tooling needs along with repairs, maintenance and modifications to existing molds as an initiative to keep customers molds producing good, quality products. The in-house mold shop and metals capabilities enable these rotational molding leaders to keep their consumers' tooling in production, while having the ability to provide new clients with new tooling. Unfortunately, a number of rotational molding firms do not build molds, nor do they offer tooling maintenance. Thus when the molds or tooling starts to crack, frame work breaks or the parting lines become damaged, the mold will need to be removed from production for repairs, potentially postponing the project for weeks or perhaps months!

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