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Rotational Molding Products

Products and capabilities of the Rotomolding Process

Rotational Molding is plastics molding manufacturing process which yields parts that are stronger due to the fact that no stress or pressures are involved in the manufacturing process. Polyethylene is most often the molded material of choice for rotomolding consumers and clients. Polyethylene offers an incredible display of features and benefits including an extremely long-life span, while being impervious to the elements. Because of the physical character istics and traits, polyethylene is one of the most durable materials on the planet. In some instances, products that are produced via the rotational molding process are often lighter weight than parts produced with other materials.

Unlike products produced from many other materials, rotomolded products can be exposed to sunlight and UV rays without damage, when prime virgin materials are utilized. Because of the unmatched durability of rotationally molded polyethylene, when coupled with the potential of vibrant, bright color products, playground equipment is commonly rotomolded because of these properties. Polyethylene could also be used to warehouse/transport/manufacture caustic chemicals without material deterioration, which is a leading factor that lots of chemical tanks are produced by the rotational molding process. FDA requirements for food contact products can be manufactured from most certified prime virgin Polyethylene materials, as rotationally molded products are commonly seen in the food industry.

Rotational Molding Products, Products of Rotomolding
Bright, durable Playground equipment with Rotomolded Products

The possibilities for rotationally molded products are limitless. A growing number of products made of less durable materials are being converted into polyethylene through switching to rotational molding manufacturing. Shipping pallets, agricultural tanks, drainage piping, laundry carts, department of defense items, air cargo containers, burial urns and cemetery products and even tornado shelters are some examples of rotational molding conversions.

Rotationally Molded Urn, Rotomoulded Burial Urn, Water Tight Cremation Urn
Rotationally Molded Storm Shelter, Rotomolded Tornado Shelter, Rotationally Moulded Underground Shelter
Rising incidents of cemetery theft have many looking for theft deterrent memorial products such as those by ForeverSafe.
Rotomolded Underground Tornado Shelter outperforms shelters made from less durable materials such as Fiberglass or Steel.

Rotational molding is a process that extends to many industries and applies to parts both large and small. The ability to manufacture parts in either large or small quantities makes this process suitable for companies of all sizes.

Rotationally molded products include...

Laundry carts, chemical tanks, playground equipment, shipping containers, pallets, bins, trash cans, liners, secondary containment tubs, buoys, septic tanks, piping, barriers, agricultural tanks, bulk storage containers, machine housings, furniture, outdoor products, kayaks, canoes, planters, defense products and many more!


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